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African & Middle Eastern

From simple to exotique, let our spices make your day or night.

Like it hot in curries, pastes, combine your wholesole ingredients and whip up truly traditional African & Middle Eastern flavours. Feel your hips sway to the beat of your own taste drum...!


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A mild and aromatic North African blend that combines smoked paprika and roasted green cardoman. Traditionally used in tagines, soups, lentil dishes and pilaffs. Spice up your next roast lamb with this amazing blend.


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This Ethiopian blend combines chilies and cardamoms with punchy flavours of ginger, nutmeg and clove. Used as a rub for red or white meats for roasting, grilling, barbecuing or pan-frying. Add to stirfries, soups, casseroles or use it as a base for spicy curry.


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An essentail for any pantry – this famous Moroccan blend is sweet and tangy with a touch of warmth and matches well with chicken, firm fish or classic meatballs. Used prodominatetly in tagines this spice blends also lends itself to pan-frying, grilling or barbequing.


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Our traditional Egyptian dukkah is made exclusively with roasted pistachios and hazelnuts for the highest quality product. Enjoy Dukkah the traditional way or explore new possibilites. Dukkah can be used a crunchy coating for chicken or fish when pan-frying or try it sprinkled over fresh salads.


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This hot chilli-based blend is used widely in Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian cooking. Add a touch to any dish for a distinct chilli flavour to a diced of fresh tomatoes and offer as a condiment for grilled meats, roast vegetables or other snacks. Combine with natural yoghurt for an excellent marinade for pork and chicken.

Ras el Hanout

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Literally translates to "top of the shop" this king of spices is somewhat curry-like with a spicy kick. Full flavoured and extremely versatile it will add a depth of flavour to your favourite Moroccan dish or BBQ meats.


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A simple but incredibly tasty West Africa blend of roast peanuts, chilli and spices. Traditionally used to coat meat it also makes a wonderful spicy and crunchy addition to salads.


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A Middle-Eastern blend that combines sumac, sesame seeds and herbs to produce a tangy, fresh and nutty condiment. Add to marinates, sprinkle on pita bread or add to dips.